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INDIVUMED is an integrated oncology company leveraging its leading oncology biorepository expertise with its pre-clinical, clinical and diagnostic laboratory expertise aiming to develop individualized cancer therapies.

INDIVUMED provides products and services to obtain an in-depth understanding of the underlying mechanisms of a patient’s cancer and addresses several important demands in translational research and molecular diagnostics to support the implementation of personalized healthcare.

INDIVUMED offers a unique combination of capabilities which can significantly contribute to the identification of new biomarkers and drug targets, to the development of novel companion diagnostics to guide treatment decisions, to the collection of information for defining the right treatment for every patient’s unique biology, and ultimately to the cure of cancer.

At INDIVUMED, we have established a unique oncology infrastructure (INDIVUMED’s Oncology Infrastructure) and developed stringent processes to collect and preserve biospecimens (INDIVUMED`s Standard of Biobanking) in order to generate biospecimens that are comparable and retain patterns of biomolecules such as RNA, DNA, and protein as they were in the human body. Our service laboratories (INDIVUMED´s Service Labs) pursue manifold molecular analyses on preserved biological materials but also on fresh human biospecimens to provide information on drug responses based on real target tissues.

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INDIVUMED has been supporting cancer research with innovative technologies, products and services since its inception in 2002, and strives to quickly translate new scientific discoveries into the practice of medicine, especially with respect to improved and individualized diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. In 2005, INDIVUMED`s initial business idea of establishing a high-quality, data-rich human tumor tissue and databank by applying most stringent quality criteria to the collection process was awarded the German Founder Award. Today, INDIVUMED is proudly offering the largest collection of comparable, high-content and clinically annotated biospecimens from cancer patients that contain the molecular realities as if they were still in the human body.

INDIVUMED is an ISO-certified biotechnology company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with subsidiaries in Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC, USA.

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